How to Add Subtitles to Videos Online?

how to add subtitles to videos online

No matter how clear the video is in its sound, there are times when you need the subtitles for your reference to understand it better. Also, it has been found statistically that the number of clicks on subtitled videos is more than those without it. This means that adding captions to your videos is a necessity, because it increases user engagement. A good video is of no use if the audience isn’t able to grab its concept well. Therefore, to make your video viral, consider adding subtitles to it. There are a lot of third-party tools which will answer your question of how to add subtitles to videos online.

Why should you add subtitles?

  1. People Don’t Turn on the Audio

Most of the users prefer watching the video in mute mode. It has also been proved by surveys that the majority of them don’t turn on the sound of the video, because they watch a video, doing other things simultaneously.

  1. Language Problems

It is not necessary that your language will be understood by everyone. You need to take care of the diversity in languages used in different places. Being unable to understand the video, most of the users may simply drop the idea of watching it altogether.

  1. SEO Benefits

Let’s talk about some technical benefits of adding captions to your videos. When you provide subtitle text, people spend more time on your video and remain engaged. This increases your search engine rank for the user searches and gradually you can gain a lot of traffic directed to your website or video. This is a major goal of almost every digital marketer today and you can’t afford to neglect this fact.

  1. Kapwing

There is no need to download any software and you can use it freely. You just need to paste the video link on the website. You will then be directed to a screen, where you can adjust the settings. You can set the subtitle timing and speed through our UI. Also, you are allowed to change the colour, font and size of the subtitle text from the left panel. Click on ‘Create video’ to create the final video.

  1. Movavi Video Editor

Install the movavi editor for your OS. After completion, open the file and follow all the instructions. Open the application, and click on ‘Create project in full feature mode’. Next, click on ‘Add media files,’ and browse the files you want to modify. It will be added to the timeline.

Then, click on ‘titles’ on the left. This will let you add the type of caption style which you can easily preview using the icon on the timeline. In order to write your own text, you need to double click on the title and on the sample text.

You can even add graphics symbols to your video using ‘Callouts’.

You can save the clip in one of more than 180 media formats. You can create subtitles for MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, etc. Click on ‘Export’ and select the ‘Save As’ tab on the pop-up window. If you wish to play the video on a portable device, select the suitable tab accordingly. Finally, click on ‘Start’ to save it.

Hope the above information proved useful to you and you have now found the way to add subtitles to your video. You can choose any tool depending on your will and wish. Stay tuned for more such information and thanks for reading!

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